Good News – Bad News

The bad news is summer is almost over. The good news is I am about to have an excuse for the stubble on my calves. Score! It is almost long pants season and nothing goes with long pants better than a little bit of leg stubble. I kid. I kid… Sort of…*pulls blanket over bare legs* You know what else goes great with long pants weather?

A Three Boudoir shoot. Do you know why?

It is time to start thinking about holiday gifts! I know, what?? really?? but I swear, it is totally true. But Joanna, you’re thinking, I am still sipping on drinks with umbrellas in them and prancing around the house in my Wicked Weasel bikini (if you are able to prance in these bikinis without falling out of them, please tell me how.) How in the world can I start thinking about my holiday shopping??? What an amazing question. I am so glad you asked!

As Amber and I wrap up our fantastic summer, full of brides giving unexpected and sexy grooms gifts, we begin to turn towards the next season and that is Christmas and Valentines Day for us. We typically start booking in September for the holiday season and we see our calendar fill up quickly. With an average turn around time of 4-6 weeks on an album it is definitely something you want to think about booking sooner rather than later. And really, there is no better time.  We encourage you to take advantage of your gorgeous summer glow and pre “Oh my Lord, I ate all of that halloween candy followed by turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and gravy” feeling.  Also, Amber and I just introduced a new product into our line up that we are dying to tell you about. It is a big time savings and something we are totally proud to offer.

Want to know more? Want to book your holiday shoot? You can reach us here and here. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Joanna and Amber

Hey! Let me know what y’all are up to!

Where to Shop for Your Shoot

Back in the day I owned drawers and drawers full of lingerie. I had more lingerie than a person could ever wear in a lifetime. I literally had it in drawers, hanging in my closet and in Tupperware containers under my bed. I even had a book bag full of nothing but thongs. Seriously. Not even kidding a little. I don’t know why other than I simply didn’t have enough drawers for my drawers!

I was in my twenties and I wore lingerie for myself and for my boyfriends. I didn’t leave the house without something sexy or lacy on under my clothes. It just made me feel good to know I had something so hot on underneath my boring work clothes. It was also a huge incentive to shave my legs every day. I know right now you are thinking, Huh? But seriously, I have always been super lazy when it comes to shaving. I mean could we just automate this already? We can put men on the moon, we can take slip and slides to a whole new level (seriously, have you seen these things lately?) but we can’t come up with some shower robot to do this for me? Anyway, back to my point,  knowing I was slipping on a pair of sexy panties every day kept me motivated to keep the skin that was touching those lacy garments soft and smooth. I know… I know… but you take motivation where you can find it!

Then something changed. I got married and had laser hair removal on most of my body. I got comfortable in my marriage and no longer needed to shave every day. Cotton drawers ruled my life. I alternated between cotton thongs from Victoria Secret and period panties from Old Navy. I rarely dressed up for myself or my husband. I absolutely dropped the ball on keeping things sexy.


Recently, as I find myself single again (I am fairly certain this is not at all due to my period panties) and part owner of a boudoir photography company, I am T O T A L L Y falling in love with lingerie again. I adore when I chat with one of our models and she asks me if I have any recommendations for a place to get some smokin’ hot lingerie for her shoot. I love shopping for myself as well as for Three Boudoir’s wardrobe. Rediscovering my love for lingerie and being able to share it with our models instantly makes me feel sexy.

I thought I might pass some of this love on to you and give you my top lingerie places to shop. In the future, with Amber’s awesome styling and design help, I am going to do posts on specific lingerie and looks to buy based on body type or event (brides get ready!) In the meantime take a look at these stores and have a bib ready to wipe the drool. The best thing about shopping online for lingerie? No awful fluorescent dressing room lighting to make you feel terrible about yourself!

Flirt Catalog- Not so expensive and everything ranging from swimsuits to Halloween costumes

Hips and Curves- Finally! Not so expensive lingerie in plus sizes

Honey Gifts- Another not so expensive site with everything from sex toys to gorgeous fake lashes

Bra la la- Honestly, this is one of Three Boudoir’s favorite local lingerie shops. They carry gorgeous lingerie and are EXPERTS at getting you in the right size and fit for your body. Go see ‘em and tell them we sent you.:)

Pleasure State- I not only need a bib for this site but a kitchen rag or bath towel. They have both a Couture and White Label line to meet all budgets.

Agent Provocateur- I just want to share an image with you from their site.

Holy Moly, right? This is break the bank expensive lingerie but oh so worth it. I just ordered these and plan on getting a photo or two done in ‘em.

You can see their newest collection here also.

What about you? Do you have a favorite lingerie shop you want to share? As Amber and I pull together lingerie looks for specific body types, is there something in particular you would like us to address? Shoot us an email or leave us a comment and we will be sure to get you the info you request!



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Ashley Fuchs - August 4, 2011 - 2:52 pm

OMG! These panties ROCK!!!! I may need your help for my shoot ;-)

jill - August 5, 2011 - 12:06 am

I was a small c at one point in my life, and at the rate I’m loosing my boondoggle, I fear my nipple might even be gone by December. As I’m just coming to terms with the fact that my b’s no longer fit, I’m crazy to find something better. Thus, I can’t wait to hear if you find any good shopping spots for 29 year old double a’s :) I’m trying to order from now, I’ve read they have a great fit for the un-endowed. But where’s the selection of sexy for us little ones far over puberty? Victorias secret aa/a selection is a bad fit for me, not sure who’s aa cup they used for a mold. Someone else sent me to, one cute bralette, but otherwise they look like they’re for teenagers training bras.

Three Boudoir - August 5, 2011 - 12:23 pm

Jill, I think small boobs are fantastic. You can wear just about anything and you never have to worry about them being droopy! :)

As far as lingerie goes, is probably the most recognized vendor for cute smaller sized lingerie. You can also check out and

A few other tips to try, don’t wear a plunging or v neck shirt. High, asymmetrical, crew and gathered necklines will flatter your bust. Also nothing too baggy or skin tight! Tank tops are a great option as well b/c they call attention to your super sexy slim arms. Ruffles, pleats or breast pockets are also great to have on a shirt.

Lasers- Pew! Pew! Pew! and The Pain of Beauty.

Several years ago I had laser hair removal on my bikini area.  I was so sick and tired of shaving every single day, or every other day, or worrying about ingrown hairs and getting a close shave and yadda yadda yadda. I thought through the pros and cons, weighed the expense and decided it was the best option for me.  When I tell people I have had it done I am usually hit with a bunch of questions.  I thought I would answer them here and maybe help you decide if this investment is right for you.

1) Did it hurt?

In a word, yes.  In more than a word, yes, it hurt so much that when I think about it I can’t believe I kept going back for more and more.  That’s the thing with laser hair removal; you have to go several times over the course of a year!  In my case, several times over the course of 2 years because the process was so painful I kept cancelling my appointments!  Now, to be fair, I will say this: it hurts a lot more in the beginning when there is more hair to be zapped.  As you continue to go it gets easier and easier because there is less hair.  The laser blowing up or melting or obliterating the hair follicle (I don’t really understand  science) is what hurts, so once the hair follicle is gone, the pain is less.

2) What did it feel like?

It felt like someone snapping a million zillion flaming hot rubberbands in the exact same spot at the exact same time.  The technician pulls the trigger on the laser gun (or as I like to call it, “torture device”) and BAM!  For less than a second you feel that laser shoot through you.  Then he/she moves the laser to a new location and BAM!  It’s (less than) a second of sheer pain.  Not a big deal, you might think, the pain is less than a second … but Oh MYLANTA!  They have to do the entire area and that can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes!  And I have not even mentioned the smell of burning hair that accompanies it.  The whole experience blows, even with Lidocaine cream applied  before your appointment to numb the area.   All that does is give you a false sense of security that evaporates with the first zap of the laser.

3) What did you skin look like afterwards?

Once the appointment was over I was pleasantly surprised that my skin hardly had any reaction to it.  It looked slightly sunburned and was swollen for a few minutes but within an hour looked completely normal.  Well, almost normal.  In the beginning when there was more hair, some of the hair had literally melted to my skin so it needed to be plucked off.  Even if you shave prior to your appointment the hair pops up and out of your skin when zapped by the laser. The hair looked like tiny lint balls  stuck on me.  Gross.  Everyone knows lint belongs in your belly button only.

4) Was it worth it?

Absolutely.  No doubt about it.  Heck yeah.  It has been years now and yes, I do occasionally have a crazy stray hair that pops up, but in general I don’t ever have to shave that area… ever.

5) Side effects?

Well, yes, there has been one side effect I have noticed.  I guess, and I really dunno here, just speculating, that your body makes a certain amount of hormones and other things specifically to grow hair on your body.  When you remove the hair from one place, the body just randomly decides to grow hair in ANOTHER place.  I don’t know how it decides where, maybe it rolls some dice, maybe it consults other organs, maybe it’s like spin the bottle.  What I do know is that I am now the proud owner of two or three absolutely RIDICULOUSLY dark and gross hairs that grow on my left thigh.  It’s like my Great-Aunts’ mustache, just a little more sparse and on my thigh.  Sigh.  When I think about it, it is a small price to pay for never having to shave my bikini area again.

That’s it!  That’s my experience in a nut shell.  If there were anything else that I could share with you, it’s that I had a friend who had the exact same procedure done in the exact same salon as me and she had little to no pain.  None.  I kind of wanted to get a bag of rubber bands and snap them at her when she told me that, but I have to recognize that everyone has different pain tolerances, sensitivity levels (I guess I am super sensitive in that area… Hello boys!) Another factor that comes into play here:  how fair your skin is and how dark your hair is.  I am pretty pale and my hair is super dark, so according to my laser technician I am an ideal candidate for laser hair removal.  The laser is really able to target the dark hair and go right to the hair follicle.  This means more pain (yuck) but more effective and fewer treatments! Woot!

Have questions? Want to know where I had the procedure done? Want more advice on this topic? Do you have tips or tricks relating to this? Let’s hear ‘em! Leave a comment.



Monica - July 29, 2011 - 1:28 pm

Thanks so much for posting this! It was extremely helpful to read about your experience as I have been wanting to do this for years. Where did you get your procedure done?

jill - July 29, 2011 - 3:48 pm

I’m doing this!!!! Once the necessary bills are caught up on, this is the first thing I’m doing. I’ve had it in mind every week since Joanna first told me abouther experience!!!! Great post!!!

Three Boudoir - July 29, 2011 - 6:34 pm

Hi Monica, Even though it is painful (and I think some areas are certainly more sensitive than others!) I definitely don’t regret it. I did it through Alase hair removal in Rockville, MD. I think they have been renamed to Reveal MedSpa now though.

Jill, Good for you! Go for it. :D Keep in mind you can’t be tan when you go so no sun for two weeks prior to an appointment!!! :/

Sarah - September 8, 2012 - 6:06 am

I’ve been thinking about this! Thanks for your honest share. Where did you go? I’ve been trying to find a good place but could use a referral.

The Basics of a Sexy Striptease

Ok ladies, this is just a teaser of information, just like your rockin’ hot striptease will be.  A lot of women ask me how to successfully and confidently pull off a sexy dance for their significant other.  I can only give you some high level information here because there is just too much for a blog post. However, if you are interested in more, feel free to email me to set up a one-on-one lesson or a party with your girlfriends.  It is quite possibly my favorite class to teach b/c not only will you be completely empowered to bare all in a super sexy dance, you will also have a blast discovering how quickly your inner vixen comes to the surface.

1) Easy On, Easy Off

Leave the complicated outfits in the lingerie drawer.  You will most likely be nervous the first few times you do this, so you must make it easy on yourself.  I suggest a sexy bra and panty set, with a button-down shirt (if it is his that’s even better) and pair of high heels.  Easy on, easy off.   ;-)

2) Hardwood Floors

It is tempting to do this in the bedroom just because that is most likely where the action happens.  But if your bedroom is carpeted, dancing around or even walking around in high heels can be super difficult, especially if you are wearing a nice tall stiletto (preferred!)  The padding under the carpet can be very unsettling.  So, think of other locations in your home where you can do this, a space where there is a firmer floor. You might want to start there and end up in the bedroom. If the bedroom is the only location, start practicing in there.

3) Music

Whatever music you pick, be it jazz, blues, heavy metal… whatever… find the slow beat of the song and dance to that.  Not sure what that is or how to find it?  Need some good song suggestions that will make you feel like the sexiest woman on the planet?  E-mail me.  I will hook you up. I have an arsenal of sexy music I can suggest.

4) Dance Moves

There are several dance moves I can show you that will get your mate TOTALLY worked up.  They are easy, performed slowly and totally controlled.  The main thing to remember is eye contact, a lot of it. I don’t want you to stare him down so hard he thinks he is being interrogated in a Law and Order episode! However, I do want you want to look at him just enough that he knows you are present in the moment, that you are enjoying this (even if you are more nervous than you’ve ever been in your life) and that you like watching him watch you.  It is less about what you are doing and more about the fact that you are actually doing it, for him.  All for him.  This thought alone, rolling around in his head as he looks at your sexy self, is going to be enough to turn him on and make him long to touch you.

Have some of your own tips or tricks to share? Leave us a comment! Want more information?  Shoot me an email. Let’s book your one-on-one session or your Girlfriends’ Get-together, complete with a sexy photo shoot and seductive dance lesson.



Jessilicious - July 19, 2011 - 11:52 am

LOVE these tips! Hot, hot, hot! :)

I’m extremely nervous about trying anything like this. Wish I was closer and could come for a photo shoot or a dance lesson! ;) I would love to be more confident in baring it all for my man…

Thanks for the tips and ideas. This has my wheels turning, thinking of ways that I can start, even if it’s just a teeny tiny bit at a time… ;)

Three Boudoir - July 19, 2011 - 12:35 pm

Jess! Thanks for the feedback Luvey! OoOOo! We can totally have a Skype date to get you the moves and the confidence to bare it all! :)

Erika Corry - July 19, 2011 - 6:40 pm

Hey ladies :)
I miss you all so much! Now that I’m done with everything I get to read all of your posts and blogs :) I’m actually really psyched because I have a Blog-a-Thon for myself- I don’t have to wait for the next ones! In other words, I wish you write one every day- lol
So about the sexy striptease- I have never even considered it because I can’t dance to save my life and don’t know what I would have confidence in wearing- I’m such a “lights-out” chick- so thanks for the idea in my head- I’ll have to think about this one more…..xoxoxoxoxo

Three Boudoir - July 20, 2011 - 11:24 am

Erika! So great to hear from our smokin’ hot redhead. :) We’re happy to hear you finally have some downtime. Yahooo! And, for the record, you can totally do a strip tease. You don’t really have to know how to dance. There really are simple moves that anyone can do! Truly it is less about what you are doing and more about the fact that you are ACTUALLY doing it. We know you are totally capable…we’ve seen your sexy look! Muah!

Instantly Slim Your Legs, Flatten Your Stomach, and Make Your Femininity Unstoppable

What is the one thing you can add to your outfit that instantly slims and elongates your legs, makes your stomach flatter, lifts your booty, and makes your femininity unstoppable?

High heels

Don’t believe me?
Ask any drag queen. They will tell you, the ability to rock a pair of fabulous heels is uniquely feminine, even if that high heel is a size 17.
Still don’t believe me? Go grab a pair of high heels and get in front of a mirror. Notice how your posture changes once you’ve slipped them on. In a pair of high heels you back arches, your pelvis and chest are thrust forward, your butt sticks out a little more and your calf muscles tighten.
There actually is physics behind this! As heel height increases, the location of the center of gravity is elevated causing a decrease in our stability. We auto correct our posture to maintain stability, mainly increasing the sway of our back, and this in turn changes how we stand and carry ourselves. But just because we have gravity on our side, it doesn’t mean walking in heels is easy!Ever seen those women in heels clunking down the hall or the street? It looks as though they have bricks tied to their feet? They look uncomfortable and rather than taking note of how fabulous her figure looks and how sexy she is, all you can do is focus in the “clunk clunk” sound she makes when she walks.

Ever wonder if YOU were that person? I am not talking about how you feel 6 hours into a long night of dancing in high heels and several cocktails. We’ve all had occasions where the very thing that makes us feel so sexy, high heels, also makes us want to rip our feet off only to return them to our bodies after a long soak in a hot bath. I am talking about how you walk down the halls of your office or along a city block, warm summer air around your bare legs as it causes your skirt to sway gently.
Ever wondered how you can stride gracefully in high heels? Well we’re gonna tell you how!

1. Put the heels on and just stand. That’s right. Just stand. Get in front of a mirror and get your feet used to how your weight is distributed and how your posture has changed. Take a few minutes and check out your profile, small steps in front of the mirror, taking all of you gorgeous long legged self in!

2. Get off the carpet! it is hard to walk in stilettos if you aren’t on a firm stable surface. Carpet is usually padded, the heels sinks in and you can’t quite find your balance.

3. Take small steps at first. Concentrate on putting your heel down first and rolling onto the ball of your foot.

4. Swing your arms to keep balance

5. Practice practice practice

6. Cross feet one over the other slightly when walking, like you are walking on a tight rope (that will help with the clunking)

7. Sway your hips slighty

8. Have confidence. Keep your head high, shoulders back and own it. Own it.

Give it a go and let us know if it worked for you!
Do you think we missed any tips? If so, you have to share your secrets with us ladies!
Joanna & Amber
(but mostly Joanna)
Kimberly - June 8, 2011 - 3:57 pm

Okay. Okay. I hear you! I hate heels typically. I am so used to being in flip flops and sneakers. I really need to give them a try…now if you would just send me those stilettos I wore in my boudoir shoot…I loved those! :-)

Jessilicious - June 8, 2011 - 4:09 pm

Fabulous tips, ladies! :) Love this!

Any tips on how to choose heels that will be the most comfortable? My problem is, I seem to always end up with shoes that HURT even after only a short time of wearing them, and I’m not sure how to find good ones. ;)

Three Boudoir - June 8, 2011 - 4:12 pm

I used to hate heels, but they really make me feel so much more confident and less frumpy! After I became well practiced and stopped clumping around that is!! And those stilletos’ totally rock – we have to find out where Joanna got them. They’ll be awesome for your pole dancing practice too! ;)

Three Boudoir - June 8, 2011 - 4:19 pm

Jessssss – that’s a great question! My feedback is to not go tooooo high and platform types (not super pointy, narrow heels) are better because the weight is distributed and feels more natural. BUT, I’m going to let Joanna chime in here too, because she’s the pro in this category. She’s getting her hair done right now, but she’ll get in here soon. :)

Joanna Three Boudoir - June 9, 2011 - 10:39 am

OooOo! This was one of my favorite post to work on with Amber. I am passionate about high heels. I love ‘em. :)

Hi Kim! Where did I get those heels? Hmmm I believe I bought them online, likely through or maybe even, both have great shoes ranging in style from office to bedroom to pole dancing class. Oww owww!

Hiya Jess! Amber hit the nail on the head with her high heel advice. I will just expand on it a little. :)

1) When looking for comfortable heels go with a platform.

2) A round toe or open toe is going to be more comfortable than a narrow pointy toe.

3) I would also suggest a heel that isn’t too skinny. I love heels that are a little thicker, to give more stability. For example Betsey Johnson has a show called “DISKKO.” That’s the kind of heel I like to wear.

4) And last but not least, the best secret weapon I can give you…Foot petals! They have a specific line of products designed for high heels, to give support, cushion, and keep your toes from sliding forward. ;)

Happy high heel shopping!